Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Learning is FUN!

I had to share some pictures that my dear friend Rebecca sent me.  She teaches in the gifted program at her middle school.  Whether you're public, private, or home-schooled, I think this is a great idea for some hands-on fun that cements the study of the ancients right into their little brains.

They made pyramid models---with candy!  There was a little sugar high going on, but they also learned without realizing it.  Checking angles; putting into play the information they learned about the pyramids; putting in geographical details.  What an awesome project!  One child even commented that this was the best school day ever---they got to play around and not learn anything!  HA!  I love it when we can sneak learning in super fun activities.  We all have more fun that way!

I love the entrance way of this one.

This one made me giggle, just a little.  Very inventive, but my sarcastic inner self kept imagining smores in the desert. 

Especially when combined with this tasty treasure.

I think this one is my favorite.  And not just because I really like Twizzlers.

See the gold on top?  The Egyptians thought the capstone to be one of the most important parts of the pyramid and it was often covered in gold.  And the palm trees are so cute it just hurts!

These kids ALL did a fantastic job and were able to show what they had learned in a unique and fun way.  I love it.  Go Rebecca!!

And just so you don't feel recipe deprived, here's a link to my current favorite Pioneer Woman recipe, Pasta alla Betsy.  You really, really need to try this soon.  The woman's my hero!



Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Wow, those are amazing!

I love that Penne al la Betsy! It is so yummy!

Robyn said...

Those do look fun. Have to keep that in mind for when my guys are a little older:)
I just bought Pioneer Woman's Cookbook and Penne al la Betsy was at the top of my to try list! Got to substitute chicken for shrimp since I have the whole "death over shellfish" deal going, but I am guessing it will be almost as delicious:) Glad to know you gave it high marks though!