Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let's Make a Night....To Remember!

Last month was my birthday. Now, I'll admit, the time sneaks up a bit faster each year, but I've earned this life experience and every girl should get to celebrate her birthday in a fun way. I almost feel sorry for my husband, though, because he's going to have a really hard time topping my birthday fun this year. Two days before my birthday last month, my dear llama loving friend, Rebecca, took me to see the most awesome concert known to man. (Well, known to me anyway!) That's right--Bryan Adams was playing Seattle and after a few bumps in the road (like my sister-in-law and I being told to show up the day before tickets went on sale at the box office!) we were on our way.

I know that when we were in our early twenties we MUST have possessed some semblance of calm coolness. Unfortunately, add two husbands, five children and loads of adult responsibility and I swear we turned into Gomer and Goober going to the big city. We looked young and stunning, but could not get over the fact that we were going to a grown up concert in another city two hours away---by ourselves! The fact that my appreciation for Bryan borders on obsession/idolatry didn't really help any. But Rebecca was quite the trooper and after much hairspray and giggling we were on our way.

First stop inside the events center was the WAMU picture booth. Uh, yeah....we're WAMU members...yeah.... After a few uber-corny pictures, we hit the french fries and found our seats. Although we were center section, we were up in row 13 of the terrace. Not really close enough to see faces or anything. Enter Mr. Box Office Manager. Mr. Manager gave us the super-secret code to order tickets online early since we showed up before 5 am to try and buy presale tickets. He remembers us after I say hello and moves us up to Row 2 of the center terrace section. George Thorogood (remember, Bad to the Bone?) opens up the concert--pretty good!

Then, it gets fun. Between sets, Rebecca and I decide to go check out the stage while they are setting it up for Bryan. Funny, no one check our tickets so we decide to stay until we get the boot. Can't hurt, right? We, well I for one, screamed like a school girl (how embarrassing!) when Bryan and his band came out and we realized we were there to stay. We were in the center in front of the stage the entire concert. It was the most amazing experience and we had such a blast! Singing along, a mere ten feet from the man was awesome! A friend of Rebecca's was a few people over from us and he took lots of pictures and shared.

So, that's my birthday story. What lessons have we learned?

  • Take advantage of your opportunities. We had a chance to go and explore and it paid off!

  • Do things just for you sometimes. There was no benefit to anyone but us--and it was wonderful!
  • Never let two 30-something Mom's go to the big city without a chaperone! :)

  • Oh, and Bryan can still rock!!

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