Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some Thoughts on Halloween

Well, the Halloween sugar buzz is starting to wear off and I'm finally able to focus and form (mostly) coherent sentences once again. As I reflect on this year's parade of characters and faces, a few thoughts come to mind.

1. I don't care who you are-- a two year old dancing up to your door and singing "twick o tweat" in a bumblebee costume is just too stinking cute.

2. Let's just be honest for a moment, shall we? The 13 month old dinosaur (now asleep from all the excitement) in your one arm is NOT going to be eating all the sugary goodness you're collecting in the happy jack-o-lantern bucket attached to your other arm. Just sayin'.

3. When you bring your 6 year old to the door and you both leave without a mention of a thank you, Happy Halloween, or anything-- do I get to take my candy back?

4. I honestly don't mind high schoolers going trick or treating. I remember being Dorothy one year myself and trick or treating with friends. But, come on, if you're going to go at least make an effort. Putting on your school sweatshirt and calling yourself a Mighty Thunderbolt student just doesn't cut it. You only get one of the mini dum-dums. The kid next to you dressed like Einstein can have your chocolate.

5. Finally, I noticed my Halloween dreams from my own childhood have finally come true. For the first year that I can ever remember, not one of my children got one of those gooey, black and orange wrapped peanut butter gobs. They did, however, get chocolate in spades. Butterfinger anyone?

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