Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Barf Unit

So this has been one of those stressful, crazy homeschool weeks at our house. My dear husband has gone off for a week of work training/male bonding (insert manly gorilla sounds here). My dear, sweet, eldest child has decided that math (3-digit multiplication, to be exact) is entirely too overwhelming and difficult to ever be a necessity of life; thus rendering it a three to four hour ordeal most days this week. Oh, and did I add that we've had an activity to attend every night this week so far?

Even with those glaring negatives, it has been a somewhat interesting week. I realized as I was looking back on it tonight, that we've been studying the Barf Unit this week. Why someone hasn't put this in print yet is beyond me; but it's really the trend of our week. We started off learning about how those cutesy little honeybees produce honey. Yup...that sweet, delectable treat is no more than Bee Barf. In preparation for adopting a bulldog we've been reading up on them. Guess what chocolate and eggs do to a bullie? Correct! They give you bullie barf. On Tuesday, we dissected owl pellets. These are, of course, the undigestible remains of an owl's lunch that were forcibly vacated from it's body. That's right---owl barf. In our studies of the American Revolution we learned that smallpox killed many soldiers during the duration of the war. Want to guess what a symptom of smallpox is? Yep, barfing.

Call it what you will (barf, yak, hurl, spew or even the politically correct "vomit") it's been an interesting, albeit unplanned, course of study this week. Maybe we should conclude tomorrow with a poem or haiku honoring this ever present bodily fluid/function. All I know, is that if it takes another 3 hours to finish the aforementioned multiplication practice--I may be able to produce a live specimen for study tomorrow!

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