Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kids & Insanity

I once saw Dana Carvey do a stand up sketch where he talks about parenthood. He mimics how his child would just wander into the room, look at the parents, do this dance and speak jibberish and walk out as though nothing has happened. Carvey is so right; kids can just make you shake your head in wonder (and confusion) so many times!

Today my boys were playing with one of their friends. 3 boys (ages 6, 7 and 8) and a few light sabers. Now, obviously, just having a saber fight is too predictable, mundane and normal. They considered the multitude of possbilities, I'm sure, before settling on the winning idea. At some point, one of them realized they could take the light sabers apart and just use the tube. Okay, that's ingenuity/engineering skills right? But they took them apart so they could stick the tubes in each others ears and yell into them. I'm not sure their hearing will ever be quite the same; they certainly didn't seem to understand why Mom got that twitch again upon discovering their tolerance tests of the human body.

I'll take a padded room for one please...and keep the martini's coming!

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Gigi said...

HOW COULD YOU???? You've got me remembering ALL the wonderful(?), inventive(?),sideshow type moments that My sons provided me!!(I know this information comes as a complete shock to you!) Seriously,mothers of boys are so exceptionly blessed. We are spared the expense of having fine china, luxury cars and white carpet, until AFTER they've left home!! Oh yeah, the SERIOUS part! That would be the fact that after they leave home, you'd give anything to share in one of those moments again. (Thanks for always sharing your moments with me!) Love, Gigi