Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fair!!

I love the fair. Every year at this time we spend one glorious day out of the week walking, shopping, riding, eating, visiting the animals, eating and riding some more. This year my boys, one of their friends and I put in a marathon 10 hour day taking it all in.

It was, as always, a feast for the senses. I love the way the mouth watering scents waft past your nose in the breeze and the way the lights twinkle at the end of the day. I adore watching my kids laugh and giggle as they spend hours upon hours on the rides. I cherish the chats we have as we ride the ferris wheel in the dark. It's just a slice of americana, childhood and all that's still right with the world.

But this year, oh this year, was even better. This year we met Ben.

Compare Ben to the man standing next to him, and you'll understand why Ben is so special. He is one big boy. Weighing in at 3,240 pounds and standing 6 feet tall, Ben is the most mammoth steer I've ever seen. (Of course, I'm a city girl, so that may not be saying much!)

Ben loved us. We loved Ben with his sweet, lazy disposition. He really wanted to come home with us, I think. It's too bad I don't know what to feed a 3,240 pound steer.

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