Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Middle Schoolers are NOT for the Weak of Heart!

We are back from five days away at middle school camp. I learned quite a bit during our adventure, but what stands out most for me is this: Middle school = Gross. Truly. The more disgusting you get, the better they like it.

Case in point: Every day came with it's own food challenge. Normal people would not participate in these adventures, but middle schoolers can rarely be called normal. There were upside down hoho and milk eating challenges, peanut butter covered bananas in a diaper challenges, even the "bloody kidneystone" challenge (peanut m&m's doused in ketchup). Those were no-hands allowed challenges making it even more entertaining.

The last night, however, was the revered "Wheel of Misfortune" challenge. Depending upon where the spin landed, the lucky preteen could be eating any number of things ranging from the odd to the truly disgusting. Baby food, canned fried apples, spam, sardines, sardine stuffed ho-ho's or even bean and bacon soup straight from the can. The truly lucky kids landed on "blend it all". Words can't express how disgusting this concoction looked and smelled. The only thing more mind blowing for me was when kids who didn't land on that wanted to come up for a sample. Really? I think I'm beginning to worry about our future.

I have to say that it was a very fun time for me and the boys; I'm not sure Noah's taste buds will ever be the same, but it was still a great adventure. They came away with some new friends, actual lessons learned from the Bible and more oddball middle school "games" than I care to know about.

If you're still not sure about the grossness of middle schoolers, let me leave you with one final thought. A challenge overheard on the bus..."Lick the floor, lick the floor".

Do they make sanitizer for tongues?

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