Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Ingredient Cheater Fudge

Let me preface this post by re-iterating the title:  This is "cheater" fudge.  It is NOT intended to replace the sugary, butter filled, ecstasy inducing real thing.  I have a killer recipe for that--I'll try and post it in the coming week or two. 

This is a fudglike candy that is super easy and super quick to whip up.  I usually make some at the last minute to throw on my holiday cookie platters that always seem to be screaming for more chocolate.

And, yes Virginia, it only calls for two ingredients:

A bag of chocolate chips


canned cocolate frosting.

First, start to melt your chocolate chips in the microwave.  I usually put mine in for 30 second increments.  Stir after every 30 seconds.  This helps prevent burnt chocolate, which is soooo not good.

When the are mostly melted, add the can of frosting and warm for about 30 more seconds in the microwave.

You'll end up with this glossy, luscious bowl of chocolate bliss.  You could eat it now, but wait.  Your patience will be rewarded.

Pour this into a greased 8"x8" pan and let cool.  You'll have yummy, tasty candy in no time.

Usually, though, since I've spent next to no time making this, I like to make the presentation a little fancier.  Grab that plastic tube-like cake decorator you have shoved up in your high cabinet and fill it with the chocolate.  Or go old school like me and fill a pastry bag fitted with a star tip.

A quick tip for filling pastry bags:  Place the bag in an empty cup or glass to hold the bag.  Pull the sides of the bag down around the glass to it keep it open.  This frees both of your hands to fill the bag without losing a bit of the chocolatey goodness.

Now use your desired tool and squeeze little chocolatey stars out onto waxed paper. Let cool and firm up and in a flash, you'll have cute little fancy candies to share with your friends.

If you're feeling exceptionally crafty, you can do this:

Fill a plate or platter with chopped nuts or little sprinkles.

Then just squeeze your chocolate right out onto the sprinkles.  When cooled and firm, the sprinkles will stick right into the stars and slide off of the plate.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can be amazingly creative with it.  Use peanut butter chips and chocolate frosting; butterscotch chips and vanilla frosting; use toffee bits, cookie crumbs, or cocoa powder for your bottom accent.

Whatever you do, have fun.  It's a great chocolatey treat when you don't have time for "proper" fudge making.  Enjoy!

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Carrie said...

Ok well that's just almost too good to be true. When I came here (after reading your post on FB) I thought maybe it would be the same recipe that I know. But it's not.

Mine is: 1 bag of choc chips and 1 can of eagle brand. Again, it's not the REAL DEAL, but it sure is close enough to make me happy!

Thanks for sharing this, Missy. I am putting together cookie plates tomorrow and the girl and I will be delivering them this week.

Just in time to add these little chocolate goodies to the mix!